The main activity of Arian khodro Middle East trading and manufacturing company is import ,prepare , produce and distribute spare parts of automobile ,which in addition to providing goods from domestic and foreign companies, the company is producing and painting polymer parts, including car’s shields and front panels and wheel covers and … , and in this regard, the company’s brands such as Arian khodro and MIBA which belonging to the company has been using. The logo is AKK which means Arian khodro khavarmiyaneh and the company is in fact and development.


Ordering auto parts from reputable foreign companies, and supplying machines and industrial molds


Granulation of raw materials and production of polymer parts up to 10 kg

Procurement and distribution

Buy spare parts from well-known companies and distribute in stores


Order car parts from manufacturers and quality control of parts and packaging in the company brand and their distribution with warranty and guarantee

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A brief overview of Arian Khodro's actions

Automotive manufacturing and production is the second most important branch of the national economy of Iran and has a 22% share of the country’s industry, and approximately 700 thousand people are employed in this industry, and in this regard, Arian Khodro Company is established in the city of Kerman and gradually have effective steps in this field.

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