history of the company

Automotive manufacturing and production is the second most important branch of the national economy of Iran and has a 22% share of the country’s industry, and approximately 700 thousand people are employed in this industry, and in this regard, Arian Khodro Company is established in the city of Kerman and gradually have effective steps in this field. The history of Arian Khodro Company is back to the year 1985, and the company has been able to leave many obstacles on its way and in the business and production path in the field of supply and distribution of automotive spare parts in the country and provide many services in this area. The location of Arian Khodro trading department is in kerman and the production site of this company is in the industrial zone No. 2 and has been able to employ around 120 people with various applications. The company’s collections are divided into four separate sites: 1-The site of the trading, supply and distribution of spare parts, and with having domestic and foreign agencies and having capable facilities and forces with a history of more than 30 years and with warehouses with an area of 4000 meters in the city of Kerman. 2- The production site, which started and developed in a land of 10 thousand square meters, has been able to produce the plastic parts of the vehicle from the smallest to the largest parts with OEM and aftermarket quality, and the machines and facilities of this production site with diffrent dimensions and Various capabilities have been launched and their development plan is being implemented and rapidly improving the quality of its products. 3-granule producing raw materials with an area of about 1500 meters, which is responsible for the supply of raw materials and quality control of the this site. its facilities and equipments made raw material quality to be increased. and the production site can provide more reliable products to the market. 4-The site of Painting, assembling and packaging of products, which is constructed in an area of 4000 meters, and this unit is with 2 standard color lines that each length of 200 meters is prepared and painted the parts of production unit, and after conducting control and inspection To package or complete the installation of parts and assemblies in case of need to be installed and shipped to the market.

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